i-hutthe winning new holiday home
why is the i-hut clever
i-hut : Why is it clever?

The i-hut conforms to the legal definition of a caravan and is built to British Standard 3632. It has wheels and a tow bar! As a consequence, it may be located on land that has planning permission for a caravan. Furthermore, one of the models may also legally occupy a plot of land which has planning consent for a touring caravan!

The i-hut is available in two specifications:

‘road legal’ : This has an up rated chassis with braked axles, rear lighting, and fixed drawbar. This i-hut can be towed on the road by a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes. (No, you can’t tow it with the family estate!)

‘non road legal’ : This has a standard chassis without braked axles, a removable drawbar, no lighting and is not designed to be towed on the road. Ideal where i-hut has a home for life.

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